Chinese Gambling Superstitions at

Chinese Superstitions While Gambling

Strategy plays a vital role while we're playing Blackjack, or Video Poker or any other gambling game.

While it is virtually impossible to influence the Blackjack dealer or the Deuces Wild random number generator, many people believe that Chinese superstitions can bring good luck and fortune while we're gambling.

Here are some of them:

Superstitions on Numbers to Avoid or Bet on
Many believe that some numbers are luckier than others. Here's a list of numbers to avoid or bet on based on Chinese superstitions... read more »

The Power of Ang Pow
Ang Pow literally means red envelope (or red packer) in Chinese. The red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits. Carrying an Ang Pow while gambling signifies a windfall for the gambler. It is also symbolic of the way a casino is "giving" you money. The amount of money contained in an Ang Pow usually ends with an even digit, in accordance with Chinese beliefs; for instance 88 and 168 are both lucky numbers. Traditionally, Ang Pow is given out every Chinese New Year to small children. They are also often given out to newlyweds.

Having a bad streak? Piss 'em out!
Having a bad streak? Can't seem to beat the dealer? Get up and piss 'em out! Before you even start of thinking of picking a fight, just go to the comfort room and take a piss. Many believe that since piss is body waste, it is bad luck. So pissing not only relieves you, it also gets rid of bad vibes and hopefully, invite lady luck.

Feed the ghost
Many believe that there's a baby ghost on every gambling table. To bring good luck and help you win, you need to feed the ghost. A pinch of sugar near your stack of chips would do. This way, the ghost will let you win and start you on a streak.

Call Deng out
Do you gamble on Baccarat? Then call "Deng" out to attract good luck! It is believed that shouting just before the cards are dealt influences the run of the cards.

Don't Say Shu
If it is advised to call out Deng, don't even say the word "book" or mention that you have read a book while you are gambling. The word book translates to "shu" in Chinese. And "shu" in Chinese sounds like the word for "lose". So saying "shu" or book while gambling is like saying "lose".