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Here are more interesting gambling superstitions which you may want to try:

Unlucky 50
Many gamblers believe that $50 bills are unlucky and they will not accept being paid with them. Some casinos even refuse to payout $50 bills from the cage when players cash in their chips. Some people also regard the two dollar bill as unlucky and this might explain why the numerous attempts to bring them back into general circulation have failed.

Don't Count Your Chickens
Never count your money while you are still gambling, is another common superstition. Popular country singer Kenny Rogers even immortalized this concept in his song entitled the Gambler with the lyrics "You never count your money when you sitting at the table, there'll be time of enough for counting when the dealings done."

Whistling Brings Bad Luck
Singing or whistling while you are gambling is bad luck. This is brought about by the observation that if someone is whistling past a graveyard, he is trying hard not to be afraid. This has carried over into the thinking that it should not be done while gambling.

Don't Cross Out Good Luck
Don't cross your legs while gambling as this is like crossing out your good luck. This could explain why those seats are so close to the slot machines. You don't have any room to cross your legs.

Dress for Luck
Many believe that wearing a nice dress or a suit and tie while gambling brings good luck. Moreover, if they win wearing a particular dress, they'll wear the same thing day after day to continue the streak.

Rabbit's Foot
Many believe that having a rabbit's foot in their pocket brings good luck. But the important question is "are you carrying the right (in this case left) foot". Superstition says that the foot you should be carrying is the left hind foot of a rabbit killed during a full moon by a cross-eyed person.

Harmless Fun
Even though we claim not to be, most of us have one or two superstitions we subscribe to while gambling. 80 percent of the gamblers who responded to a survey said that they believed in superstitions or carried out some sort of lucky ritual while gambling. As long as you don't let your superstitions control you, believing in something that will bring you good luck can actually be beneficial. If you feel lucky you will be happy and have a more enjoyable time while you play.