Chinese Gambling Superstitions at

Chinese Superstitions After Gambling

You may have lost all your bankroll during your last trip to the casino. But don't despair, here are some Chinese superstitions which you may want to consider to shed the bad luck from your last gambling trip.

Before stepping out of the casino, wipe your feet on the floor mat to cast-off the bad vibes, leave them at the casino and hopefully not follow you the next time you make a gambling trip.

Another way of getting rid of bad luck is to burn incense for as on offering to Cai Shen, the Chinese God of prosperity and wealth.

Legend says Cai Shen visits the home of those who offer incense. This is especially powerful when done early in the morning during the observance of the Chinese New Year.

On the other hand, if lady luck smiled your way while playing your favorite casino game, the rule is to spread some wealth. Drop some dough in the tip box for the casino staff.

If you're feeling extra generous, give some chips to another gambler who's not as lucky.

A little act of goodwill comes a long way in attracting good luck. As they, you only get what you give.

But win or lose, what's important is to enjoy the game!